My coach approach

Whether I’m working one-on-one or with groups, I meet my clients where they are, help them define where they want to go, and then support them as they build the bridge to get there.

The 4 A’s of the coaching journey:

  1. Assessment: I help clients understand the context of their current situation and identify existing opportunities and challenges as they build on their strengths to move forward.

  2. Accountability: I provide structure and accountability by expecting clients’ best efforts and being unconditionally constructive and objective during our time together.

  3. Action: I help clients take action and build upon successes to create momentum toward their goals—this is where the true magic of coaching is seen—by walking them through steps to growth.

  4. Alignment: I help clients uncover and realign with their internal values and priorities to build their external careers and lives from the inside out to create lasting change.

I’m an expert with 10+ years of experience:

  • I have a Bachelor’s of Social Work from Wayne State University in Detroit and spent more than a decade working at a nonprofit serving runaway & homeless youth and their families

  • I interviewed 250+ creators from many creative fields for The Great Discontent magazine, which I cofounded and was former Editor in Chief for

  • I am formally trained and graduated from the world-class training program at Coach U

What Clients say:

Working with Tina was super helpful for me during a particularly stressful time. By encouraging me to look inward, review my goals, and take steps to realize those goals, I gained multiple insights that guided me on my path both creatively and professionally. She is a great resource who genuinely cared about my growth.
— Matt Heller | Artist, Designer & Educator
When I first started working with Tina I felt overwhelmed and paralyzed, but she asked all the right questions to help me reframe my thinking and get unstuck. She helped me clarify my goals and develop a manageable plan without being prescriptive—one that thoughtfully considered my unique circumstances. In the year since we worked together I’ve continued to use many of her tools and prompts when I need a new perspective.
— Melissa G | Graphic Designer
Working with Tina has been amazing. She helped me to focus my goals, identify potential areas of growth, and develop a realistic plan to move forward. She provided guidance, input, and support throughout the process and regularly connected me with valuable resources. After four months of coaching, I feel more clarity around the work I am doing and how that feeds into the work I hope to do, and my confidence in myself and my abilities has grown significantly. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to make a positive change!
— Emma S. | Designer & Entrepreneur
One Mastermind Session with Tina allowed me to create awareness about some of the limiting beliefs that I was holding around my business and what I thought was possible. I used to believe that I couldn’t make money or support myself doing what I loved; Tina helped me readjust that construct and move past barriers that held me from achieving my true potential. Tina reflected back to me both the passion I had, my strengths and skills for growing my business and also where I needed to do some work on adjusting my belief system, honoring what I can provide to clients while also owning and articulating the value that I can and do provide. Honestly, it was a game changer and allowed me to begin to create the correct opportunities for myself to fulfill and support me and pivot away from some practices that I have now outgrown. That initial session with Tina was like a jump start and has pushed me into a career direction in ways that are so much more satisfying.
— Kelly B. | Yoga & Pilates Teacher & Healer
Tina was a supportive and open coach who helped me narrow in on what roadblocks were in my way and ways to un-clutter my life and let go of what was holding me back or no longer serving me. I learned that change is slow, but if we allow ourselves to be patient and fully tune into our deepest needs it can come about in powerful, necessary, and unexpected ways. I gained the confidence to make decisions I knew were right but was scared of making, and came out on the other side maybe a little less comfortable than before, but definitely on a path toward greater alignment in my life.
— Hannah D. | Artist & Writer
Working with Tina helped me reset how I approached my professional life and personal life. She helped me find time for myself without feeling guilty that I wasn’t working constantly. We created a clear plan of goals I wanted to accomplish for the year. She encouraged me and helped me start making tangible steps towards accomplishing them. It’s only been a few months since we completed our sessions and I am excited to say so many of my annual goals have been completed or are in the motion of being completed. Tina is nonjudgemental and encouraging and I always felt like I was in a safe and caring space whenever we talked.
— Liz W. | UX Designer

Photo by    Carli Rene

Photo by Carli Rene