create a roadmap to your future self.

Future Self is a 30-day course designed by Coach Tina Essmaker to help you reimagine your future, realign your work & refresh your creativity in less than 15 minutes a day.

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This Course is for you if…

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what you’ll do in this course

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Oct. 1-10
Part I: Your Creative Self

1. You’ll define clear values, your strengths & a mission statement to refresh your creative self.

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Oct. 11-20
Part II: Your Work Self

2. You’ll integrate interests, skills & strengths and make small changes for big impact at work.

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Oct. 21-30
Part III: Your Future Self

3. You’ll leave with a roadmap for your future self (i.e. goals, resources, support, your definition of success).

What is your future worth?

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How this course works

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  • Each day contains daily wisdom
    + 15-min exercise

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  • Join Tina for 3 X 1-hour group coaching sessions on Google Hangouts

  • Sessions will be recorded and shared with you

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  • Join a global community

  • Get an invitation to our private Slack group

  • Share insights & resources with fellow creatives

Ready to meet your future self?

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Mon. Sept. 30, 2019

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I’m coach Tina Essmaker, and I want to help you discover what’s possible.

What would you do for your future self? Most of us go through life imagining a better version of ourselves, but rarely do we take the steps to become the person we want to be.

I was the same until I went through a life-changing divorce from my husband and business partner, which gave me an opportunity to reimagine my future. I chose to combine my roots as a social worker with the 6 years I spent interviewing creators as Editor in Chief of The Great Discontent magazine to help creatives take action toward the lives and work they desire.

Now, I’ve created Future Self packed with exercises I use in my coaching practice to help you take action and create a roadmap to your future. I can’t wait!


By encouraging me to look inward, review my goals, and take steps to realize those goals, I gained multiple insights that guided me on my path both creatively and professionally. Tina is a great resource who genuinely cared about my growth.
— Matt Heller | artist, designer, educator
Tina helped me to focus my goals, identify potential areas of growth, and develop a realistic plan to move forward. I feel more clarity around the work I am doing and my confidence in myself and my abilities has grown significantly.
— Emma S. | designer, entrepreneur

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Full Course Curriculum

Future Self is a 30-day course created by Coach Tina Essmaker to help you reimagine your future, realign your work & refresh your creativity in less than 15 minutes daily.

Invitation | The Future that Calls You (pre-course homework)

Part I | Your Creative Self

Oct. 1 Day 1: Warm-Up

Oct. 2 Day 2: Values Part A

Oct. 3 Day 3: Values Part B

Oct. 4 Day 4: Personal Strengths

Oct. 5 Day 5: How You View Yourself

Oct. 6 Day 6: How Others See You
Oct. 7 Day 7: Mission & Purpose Part A

Oct. 8 Day 8: The Johari Window

Oct. 9 Day 9: Mission & Purpose Part B

Oct. 10 Day 10: Reflections of Gratitude

Oct. 11 @ 3-4pm EDT Group Coaching Session #1
(hosted on Google Hangouts by Tina; link will be in the newsletter)

Part II | Your Work Self

Oct. 11 Day 11: Warm-Up

Oct. 12 Day 12: Acquired Skills & Training

Oct. 13 Day 13: Learned Experience

Oct. 14 Day 14: Find the Overlap

Oct. 15 Day 15: Rediscover Joy

Oct. 16 Day 16: Your Current Workday

Oct. 17 Day 17: A More Fulfilling Workday

Oct. 18 Day 18: Small Changes Daily

Oct. 19 Day 19: Integrate Your Strengths
Oct. 20 Day 20: Reflections of Gratitude

Oct. 21 @ 3-4pm EDT Group Coaching Session #2
(hosted on Google Hangouts by Tina; link will be in the newsletter)

Part III | Your Future Self

Oct. 21 Day 21: Warm-Up

Oct. 22 Day 22: Alternate 5-year Plan(s)

Oct. 23 Day 23: Meet Your Future Self

Oct. 24 Day 24: Define Success 

Oct. 25 Day 25: Next Steps (Quarterly) 

Oct. 26 Day 26: Allocate Resources 

Oct. 27 Day 27: Address Potential Pitfalls

Oct. 28 Day 28: Find Mentors & Sponsors 

Oct. 29 Day 29: Reflections of Gratitude

Oct. 30 Day 30: Celebrate & Look Forward

Oct. 31 @ 3-4pm EDT Group Coaching Session #3
(hosted on Google Hangouts by Tina; link will be in the newsletter)

| A Promise to Your Future Self
 (post course homework)


Live Group Coaching Sessions are hosted by Tina from 3:00-4:00pm Eastern on Google Hangouts on the following dates:

1. Friday, October 11, 2019 (after completing Part I: Your Creative Self)

2. Monday, October 21, 2019 (after completing Part II: Your Work Self)

3. Thursday, October 31, 2019 (after completing Part III: Your Future Self)

* You will be sent a link prior to the sessions. Tina will be on video chat, but you can use video or audio only (whatever you’re comfortable with).

* Sessions will be recorded and emailed to you in the next newsletter so you can listen in if you can’t attend.

* Tina will prepare questions for reflection, but you are also encouraged to bring insights and questions. This is an opportunity to learn from each other and share resources.


Share what you would do for your future self

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