who i work with

My one-on-one coaching helps creative professionals like:

  • small business owners

  • founders of start-ups

  • solo entrepreneurs & freelancers

  • people who work in-house and full-time at agencies and organizations

  • managers & senior executives (CEO, CFO, CCO)

i help my clients tackle:

  • How to do meaningful work while living a meaningful life

  • Keys for building a sustainable, lasting career over time

  • Creating a life that aligns with your values and mission

  • Building connection through empathy and vulnerability

  • The foundational role of vulnerability in your creative work

  • Building a strengths-based process that works for you

  • Implementing small changes that create big ripples

  • How to navigate transition and uncertainty

  • Overcoming self-doubt and imposter syndrome

  • Recovery from burnout

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I will definitely carry this experience forward. Our session really did help me see how I was failing myself and helping perpetuate a lot of false narrative by not advocating for myself. Will be honing and owning this for the future.
— Joshua O. | Strategist & Designer

ways we can work together

Option 1: Biz refresh Package (new offering!)

  • 1 x 1-hour initial call
    1 x 1-hour follow-up call
    1 x 30-minute final review

  • The Biz Refresh is tailored to you and includes:
    1) An initial 1-hour call to review your biz collateral and create tasks and a timeline for you to update your collateral
    2) A 1-hour follow-up call to review your updates and assign final edits
    3) A 30-minute call for a final review

  • We’ll talk about high level goals for your business in the next season and how that translates to tasks and a timeline to refresh your site, portfolio, biz cards, résumé, and social media

  • The Biz Refresh is a quick way to update your business and professional collateral

  • Biz Refresh package is a one-time flat fee of $750 paid before our first call (pay via debit or credit card, Square, or Venmo)

  • Book the Biz Refresh package below and I’ll email you to schedule

Biz Refresh
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Option 2: micro coaching session

  • 1 x 60-minute call with me

  • The call is tailored around one thing you want to address in your personal or professional life

  • We’ll talk about opportunities that exist, current challenges, resources you need, what you want to achieve, and options to move forward

  • You’ll leave the call with 1-3 concrete actions steps to implement plus resources from me

  • Micro sessions are a quick, powerful way to get insight and move forward

  • Use Micro sessions as a “tune-up” whenever it makes sense for you (once a month, quarterly, every 6 months, etc.)

  • Micro sessions are a one-time flat fee of $250 paid before our scheduled session (pay via debit or credit card, Square, or Venmo)

  • Book a Micro Session below and I’ll email you to schedule

Micro Coaching Session
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Option 3: individual mastermind session

  • 1 x 3-hour intensive session with me

  • Meet with me in person in New York or London or do the session with me from anywhere via Google Hangout video

  • The Mastermind is tailored to you and includes: 1) A pre-session call to asses your needs along with pre-session homework 2) The 3-hour Mastermind which includes 1 hour of Discovery, 1-hour of Ideation/Brainstorming, and 1-hour of Strategy & Planning

  • We’ll talk about what will make the session a success for you, assess where you are currently, brainstorm possible action steps to take, reframe challenges and opportunities, and form a strategic plan for next steps

  • You’ll leave with a roadmap for the coming months that includes concrete goals and what you’ll need to accomplish them

  • The Mastermind is an energizing, dynamic way to gain insight, shift your perspective, and lay a foundation for the next 6-12 months

  • Mastermind Sessions are a one-time flat fee of $1500 paid before our scheduled session (pay via debit or credit card, Square, or Venmo); email me to make payment in 2 installments

  • Book a Mastermind Session below and I’ll email you to schedule

Individual Mastermind Session
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Option 4: monthly coaching RETAINER

  • 2 x scheduled 45-minute calls with me each month

  • 2 x ad hoc 10-minute calls per month to use as/if needed

  • Calls are tailored to you and you’ll complete a session prep form prior to each call

  • We’ll talk about where you are, where you want to be in the future, and how you can build the bridge to get there with my support

  • You’ll leave each call with 1-3 concrete action steps/homework to complete between sessions

  • You can email me between sessions as needed to send updates and request resources

  • Monthly coaching is great way to feel supported as you take steps forward in your career and life and you can begin with an initial commitment of 1, 3, or 6 months with the option to extend our time together

  • Monthly Coaching Retainer is a monthly flat fee of $550 paid before our first scheduled session each month (pay via debit or credit card, Square, or Venmo)

  • Book Monthly Retainer Coaching below and I’ll email you to schedule

  • Book 1 month or more at a time by changing quantity below

Monthly Coaching (1 Month)
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Tina is the creative coach whisperer. I would encourage anyone looking to take that next big leap or make shifts in their career and/or pursue a professional that lights them up, to work with her.
— Kelly B. | Yoga & Pilates Teacher & Healer