I equip creators of all levels to reach beyond inspiration and take action toward their professional and personal goals.

who i partner with

I work with solo entrepreneurs, business owners, in-house and agency employed individuals, and executive leaders across creative fields. I partner with clients around the world who are willing to include me in the process of designing, implementing, and achieving their goals.

My practice addresses themes familiar to creators of all levels: self-doubt and imposter syndrome, how to build a sustainable career, burnout, managing uncertainty and risk, prioritizing opportunities, unexpected and planned transitions, balancing personal and professional responsibilities, and the search for fulfillment.

Working with Tina was super helpful for me during a particularly stressful time. By encouraging me to look inward, review my goals, and take steps to realize those goals, I gained multiple insights that guided me on my path both creatively and professionally. She is a great resource who genuinely cared about my growth.
— Matt Heller | artist, designer, educator

i help creatives

  • explore the values that guide their work and life

  • recognize and develop their innate gifts

  • work with their natural talents and strengths

  • identify actionable steps to effectively create change 
 (rather than just be busy)

  • understand the unique value they contribute to the world

  • build a sustaining community of resources and support

  • embrace their creativity and live more wholeheartedly

creatives partner with me to

  • take action and create change in their work and lives

  • transition their career from one role or focus to another

  • become more efficient communicators and effective leaders

  • complete a creative project (i.e. book, film, business plan)

  • learn how to identify, develop, and contribute
 their unique talents and skills

  • restore the quality of their personal and/or professional life

Working with Tina has been amazing. She helped me to focus my goals, identify potential areas of growth, and develop a realistic plan to move forward. She provided guidance, input, and support throughout the process and regularly connected me with valuable resources. After four months of coaching, I feel more clarity around the work I am doing and how that feeds into the work I hope to do, and my confidence in myself and my abilities has grown significantly. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to make a positive change!
— Emma Shipley | entrepreneur

the process of coaching happens via

ongoing monthly support

  • receive ongoing support to take action toward your goals with an initial commitment of 3 months, 6 months, or more

  • participate in two 45-minute coaching calls (1st/3rd or 2nd/4th weeks of each month); brief ongoing session prep forms are completed prior to each call and homework is self-assigned by you at the end of each call

  • receive the option for two ad hoc 10-minute Laser Coaching calls between longer sessions to focus on one topic resulting in one action step

  • email correspondence between sessions for support as needed

  • monthly coaching is based on an all-inclusive retainer paid each month before our first session and payment is accepted via Venmo or Square Cash (your employer may cover coaching fees as part of your training)

one-time mastermind class

  • a powerful option to quickly build momentum toward your goals, this is a one-time, three-hour session conducted in person or over the phone

  • session consists of three 60-minutes sprints:

    • discovery: set context through exploring, clarifying, and identifying objectives for the session

    • ideation: surface possible action steps and solutions through brainstorming, reframing, and discussion

    • strategy: determine 3 action steps along with a plan for implementation that addresses opportunities, challenges, resources, and desired outcomes

  • use this session to create a roadmap for a creative endeavor, including schedule, deliverables timeline, and action steps; plan for the next phase of your career; realign your work with your values and strengths; or address a specific challenge in your work or personal life

  • sessions are a one-time flat fee paid before the scheduled session and payment is accepted via Venmo or Square Cash (your employer may cover the fee as part of your training)

next steps

  1. Ready to take action? Send an email to hello@tinaessmaker.com with a short description of where you are currently, what you’d like for your future, and why you’d like to work with a coach.

  2. I’ll answer any questions you have about the process and share rates via email or a brief call.

  3. If it’s a good fit and we decide to work together, I’ll craft a simple agreement outlining how we’ll partner and then we’ll schedule based on availability.

  4. I’ll ask you to fill out a basic client information form and a session prep form prior to our first session.

  5. For ongoing monthly support, the first session will serve as a discovery and set the course for us as we begin the coaching journey together; for the mastermind class, the discovery will be part of the 3-hour session.