the coach approach

As a coach, I partner with individuals and teams to help them take action toward their goals. I meet my clients where they are, help them define where they want to go, and then support them as they build the bridge to get there.

My approach to coaching includes:

  • sharing information by drawing distinctions, teaching principles, offering perspective, and asking reflective questions

  • providing structure & accountability through expecting clients’ best efforts and being unconditionally constructive

  • training via walking clients through steps to growth, giving specialized instruction, and offering potential resources

The key principles of my practice include:

  • accountability for clients as they work toward goals

  • commitment to objectivity as clients determine their goals

  • expertise in themes that permeate the creative landscape

  • exploration via reflective questions and judgement-free space

  • practicality in planning, goal setting, and strategizing

My education and training include:

  • my undergraduate education as a social worker and more than a decade working in the field with youth and families

  • over 6 years spent researching and interviewing 250+ creatives across disciplines as Editor in Chief of The Great Discontent magazine

  • my formal training in the coaching framework through Coach U

Tina was a supportive and open coach who helped me narrow in on what roadblocks were in my way and ways to un-clutter my life and let go of what was holding me back or no longer serving me. I learned that change is slow, but if we allow ourselves to be patient and fully tune into our deepest needs it can come about in powerful, necessary, and unexpected ways. I gained the confidence to make decisions I knew were right but was scared of making, and came out on the other side maybe a little less comfortable than before, but definitely on a path toward greater alignment in my life.
— Hannah | artist, writer

my path into coaching

I was at a party standing next to my friend as he talked about what was next for his career: "I recently started working with a coach. It's been helpful, but he doesn't quite understand the creative landscape." That was an "Aha!" moment that had been slowly culminating for me. In early 2017, I wrote Look into life coaching certification programs on my to-do list, but I was unsure about where to start, and 6 months later I had done nothing.

Looking back, it seems as if this was the plan all along. I have a decade-long background in social work, which provided a foundation of skills that taught me to be an engaging interviewer when I was Editor in Chief of The Great Discontent magazine, which I cofounded with my former husband and business partner in 2011. Over the next 6 years, I interviewed more than 250 creators for the web, print, live events, and a podcast. Without realizing it, I had been researching the creative community, and I knew that landscape well.

A week after that conversation with my friend at the party, I Googled coaching certification programs, signed up for an accelerated, in-person course from Coach U, and booked a plane ticket. A month later I flew to Atlanta for the week-long training. My facilitator, Pamela, had been coaching for several decades and was brimming with wisdom. That week she said something that struck me: "When you make space in your life, the universe will fill it."

In January 2017, a space had been created in my life when my marriage to my husband and business partner ended and I chose to transition out of my role as Editor in Chief of The Great Discontent magazine. It was an opportunity to reinvent my career and life, and that’s what I did. When my friend described his experience with coaching at that party, I knew it was the next step for me.

Coaching combines all of my professional experiences—social work and years spent interviewing creators—with the opportunity to do more than inspire the creative community I love and am a part of. Now, I have the privilege of supporting clients through transitions, achievements, challenges, and opportunities they encounter professionally and personally. Helping others live into their possibility has been the biggest gift of my career.

Photo by    Carli Rene

Photo by Carli Rene