Biz Refresh (Payment plan for 2 installments)

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Biz Refresh 2.jpg

Biz Refresh (Payment plan for 2 installments)


Note: This is the option to do 2 payments prior to your session—a deposit and then a second payment due before our first scheduled call.

1 x 1-hour initial call
1 x 1-hour follow-up call
1 x 30-minute final review

  • The Biz Refresh is tailored to you and includes: 1) An initial 1-hour call to review your biz collateral and create tasks and a timeline for you to update your collateral 2) A 1-hour follow-up call to review your updates and assign final edits 3) A 30-minute call for a final review

  • We’ll talk about high level goals for your business in the next season and how that translates to tasks and a timeline to refresh your site, portfolio, biz cards, résumé, and social media

  • The Biz Refresh is a quick way to update professional collateral for the next season of your work

  • Biz Refresh is a one-time flat fee paid before the scheduled session (this option offers 2 installments before our first scheduled call)

  • Debit & credit cards accepted

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