Individual Mastermind Session

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Individual Mastermind Session


1 x 3-hour intensive session with me

  • Meet with me in person in New York or London or do the session with me from anywhere via Google Hangout video

  • The Mastermind is tailored to you and includes: 1) A pre-session call to asses your needs along with pre-session homework 2) The 3-hour Mastermind which includes 1 hour of Discovery, 1-hour of Ideation/Brainstorming, and 1-hour of Strategy & Planning

  • We’ll talk about what will make the session a success for you, assess where you are currently, brainstorm possible action steps to take, reframe challenges and opportunities, and form a strategic plan for next steps

  • You’ll leave with a roadmap for the coming months that includes concrete goals and what you’ll need to accomplish them

  • The Mastermind is an energizing, dynamic way to gain insight, shift your perspective, and lay a foundation for the next 6-12 months

  • Masterminds are a one-time flat fee paid before the scheduled session

  • Debit & credit cards accepted

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