Keynote for Sky TV x Adobe in London

Keynote for Sky TV x Adobe in London


Tina imparts insights from her experiences as a coach, interviewer, and writer to inspire action among audiences around the world.

Tina is a keynote speaker and interviewer who has presented at conferences, companies, and events around the world. Whether delivering a keynote on a conference main stage, conducting interviews with notable creators, or moderating discussions with influential voices, Tina encourages audiences to get curious and ask questions of meaning about how we engage in our work and show up for our lives.

Drawing upon her training as a coach and the six years she spent interviewing hundreds of creators as Cofounder and Editor in Chief of The Great Discontent magazine, Tina addresses themes that permeate the creative landscape: self-doubt and imposter syndrome, how to build a sustainable career, burnout, managing uncertainty and risk, prioritizing opportunities, unexpected and planned transitions, and the search for fulfillment.

Weaving together powerful personal narratives, Tina embraces vulnerability, sharing her experience of building a business, being consumed by the hustle, and reimagining her entire world after her marriage to her business partner ended. Realigning with her internal values, rebuilding her life from the inside out, and implementing small changes in her daily routines created big ripples and ultimately led her to the most fulfilling work she’s done thus far.

Through speaking, Tina champions her mission to help others abandon the hustle and live more meaningful lives while doing the work. Because she believes it’s possible to be both content and ambitious at the same time. And she believes that we don’t have to wait for a life-changing event to start taking action.

past events

AIGA LeadCon | Philadelphia, PA

Sky TV | London, England

Wood Creative Group | London, England

Vice UK | London, England

The Next Web | Amsterdam, Netherlands

HOW Design Live | Boston, MA

AIGA One in Ten Panel | New York, NY

Yeah Field Trip x Make Nice | El Capitan Canyon, CA

The Next Web | New York, NY

AIGA Design Conference | Minneapolis, MN

Unique Camp | Big Bear, CA

MagCulture x SPD | New York, NY

AIGA Design Conference | Las Vegas, NV

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2018 HOW Design Live Main Stage Spark Session

As former Editor in Chief of The Great Discontent magazine, Tina spent 6 years interviewing creatives before launching her coaching practice. In this talk, Tina weaves personal narrative into the themes we wrestle with as creatives to inspire us to find our own great contentment by abandoning the hustle.

2017 AIGA National Design Conference Chair

In her opening remarks from the main stage as Chair of the 2017 AIGA Design Conference Tina reminds us of our humanity and the importance of vulnerability and empathy in our work by choosing to be go first as she opens up about reimagining her career and life after divorcing her business partner and starting anew.