I equip teams to take action toward achieving their goals while supporting the development of individuals.


who i partner with

I work with companies, organizations, and agencies across creative industries, including design, advertising and marketing, visual arts, start-ups, and education. I train new and established teams of all sizes to be more focused, effective, and efficient as a group while promoting the well-being and development of individuals.

My practice addresses themes common to teams: building trust and rapport, strategies for collaboration, creative opportunities, obstacles to communication, engagement in work, productivity toward goals, conflict resolution, and leadership and decision-making.

i help teams

  • realign with their mission

  • clarify the values that guide their work

  • promote trust, empathy, and understanding

  • learn effective ways to lead and communicate

  • celebrate individual contributions to the whole

  • amplify members’ natural talents and strengths

  • identify actionable steps to streamline processes

  • be effective and productive rather than busy

teams partner with me to

  • employ an objective partner to help them take action

  • create momentum to more quickly accomplish goals

  • foster a strengths-based approach to collaboration

  • restore the quality of their work environment

  • build an infrastructure that sustains growth

  • plan for an upcoming project or transition

the process of team coaching happens via

Master class

  • a one-time training either on site or off site

  • areas of focus will be tailored to your team’s needs

  • length can vary from 2+ hours to a full day

additional types of support

  • a multi-day or multi-session class covering one or more topics

  • individual support for team members in addition to team classes

next steps

  1. Team trainings are tailored to the specific needs and size of the group. To inquire about scheduling a training, send an email to hello@tinaessmaker.com with:

    • your group size and type of group (i.e. company, agency, organization, etc.)

    • length of training (i.e. 2 hours, 1 full day, multi-day, etc.)

    • potential training objectives (what you want to achieve)

    • potential topics or areas of focus

  2. We’ll schedule a call to explore options for training based on your objectives and budget.

  3. If it’s a good fit and we decide to work together, I’ll craft a simple agreement outlining how we’ll partner and then we’ll schedule based on availability.