Photo by    Carli Rene

Photo by Carli Rene


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A home for personal essays, including my experiences with grief and loss, divorce, and transitions. I share about reinventing my career and life after my marriage to my business partner ended, reflections on growing up motherless, and how we can thrive on the other side of pain and hardship. Follow along on Medium.

99U ArTIclES

A rich resource to inspire creatives and help them make their ideas happen, 99U is a place for creatives to find support as they build their careers. Read my articles on 99U, including an exploration of the big life-changing moments that shape our careers, and how mentors can help us transform our work and lives.

ASKING NOT ASKING Column on wnw magazine

Working Not Working is an awesome way for top creatives to connect with companies they want to work for around the globe. In my bimonthly coaching column in collaboration with WNW magazine, I answer letters from the creative community and share insights from my coaching practice.

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As cofounder and former Editor in Chief of The Great Discontent magazine, I spent 6 years interviewing 250+ creators for the web, print, live events, and podcast. Conversations dove into the early years of creators’ lives, risks they’d taken along the way, influential relationships, the never-ending search for creative satisfaction, and the role of legacy in their work. Read digital features from the web archive. Listen to the podcast in iTunes.